Muckley How-To Information

We here at Muckley do stuff.  Lots of stuff.  When we figure out how to do something, and how to tell you how to do it without fire trucks or ambulances involved, we'll post it here for the world to see. 

(And to prove that relatively few Muckley Work Nights require a first aid kit or a fire extinguisher.)

Primitive Fire by Lord Seamus MacMurchadha. How to start a fire without matches

Constructing Turnshoes by Lord Seamus MacMurchadha. How to make medieval shoes. 

Basic Armouring for the New Fighter by Sir William Talbot. How to set up your own workshop for the first time. 

Eight Tips for Better Articulation by Sir William Talbot. How to improve your ability to make articulated plate armour.

How to Make A Shield by Sir William Talbot. Very basic shield making for the brand new fighter.

Rules for Three Medieval Games Just what it says-- rules for Nine Men's Morris, Fox and Geese and Shut the Box.


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