Muckley Links

These are links that have been submitted by members of the Muckley household

General Research

The Labyrinth

ORB: Online Reference Book

Argos: Ancient and Medieval Search Engine

Virtual Medieval Library

Internet Medieval Sourcebook

EuroDocs: Western European Historical Documents

Bodleian Library Historical Documents

Specific Period or Culture Research

The Age of King Charles V

Arts and Literature

Chivalry Music

Food and Beverage

Alcoholic Drinks of the Middle Ages


 Suppliers for Period and Reenactment Goods


Museum Replicas Ltd.


Period and SCA Naming

Academy of Saint Gabriel

SCA Links and Information

The Medieval Times

SCA Worldwide Internet Directory

The Florilegium

General Interest

The Pilgrimage of Santiago

Bede's World 

A Guide to York

Other Reenactment Groups

Middle Ages and Renaissance Reenactors

Angelcynn - Anglo-Saxon Living History

Muckley Manor Home

Muckley Research

Muckley How-To Information