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        The village and Manor of Muckley is the SCA household of Sir William Talbot and his wife Mistress Amy Talbot (The artists formerly know as Talbot Mac Taggart and Freydis Haakonsdottir). We represent a 1380s manor and surrounding village in the West Riding of Yorkshire, England.

        Muckley is a small village in the West Riding of Yorkshire. The name is of Norse derivation meaning "dung clearing" or "dung field." When the Vikings found it must have been every bit the dismal place it is today. It’s first known occupants were in residence only briefly. Eric Bloodaxe, Viking ruler of the city of York ordered a military camp to be established to keep a lookout for approaching enemies on the hill upon which now sits Muckley Manor. This base was abandoned after less than a year when it was discovered that nobody ever went through this area. However, the camp was there long enough to establish a small village which remained even after the Norsemen pulled out.

       The village now consists of 18 (more or less) squalid hovels a small parish church and the manor house. Historically the place was unremarkable except that in the late 12th century, King John and his entourage rode through the village and stopped for water on their way to the city of York. To this day the well bears the name of "King John’s Well." Not much else of note has happened in this village. A few minor skirmishes have happened near the village, most of them taking place before the Talbots came to these parts, in the civil war between King Stephen and the Empress Maude.

Lord, Lady and heirs of Muckley Manor:

Sir William Talbot, OL, KSCA

Talbot's Fine Accessories A business site for medieval artifacts, books and reproductions.

Mistress Amy Talbot, OL

Charles Talbot

Elizabeth Talbot


Squires, Apprentices and other household members.

Listed in the order in which they joined Muckley

Aldred of Ascalon (Apprentice and Squire) Deceased

        Aline of Bamborough (member at large)

Bohemond de Clare (Apprentice)

                     Chicago Swordplay Guild A medieval combat organization focusing on medieval combat manuals and styles.

Nicole Allen  (member at large) 

                     Revival Clothing A complete line of authentic Medieval clothing, Arming clothes, Accessories and Shoes for ladies and gentlemen based on historical patterns and research.

Master Seamus Mac Murchadha (Former Apprentice and Squire)

                       Armlann A business site for shoes, armour and other medieval objects.

        Sahar um Ysamine (member at large)

        Yasmine (member at large)

Baroness Adelicia d'Argent (Apprentice)

        Maxwell James Beldin (member at large)

Rebecca di Venizia (member at large)

Baron Charles Oakley, OL, OP (Former Apprentice)

                       Furniture plans by Master Charles Oakley A site with plans for making medieval and "period adaptive" furniture as well as other objects.

 Baroness Kate Oakley, OL (member at large)

Twm ap Twm (Apprentice)

Hugh Rose de Kilravock (Apprentice)


Soon to be Mistress Katherine Von Schlosserwald (Sitting Vigil for the Order of the Laurel)

Gavin White of Westburgh (Apprentice)

Duchess Kateryn Bronwyn of Gloucester, OL (former apprentice)

                 Gregory Von Hannover, (Apprentice) 

Kenwrec Wulfe (Apprentice)

Johannes Machiavelli (Apprentice)

Kiohara (member at large)

Julianne LaFolette (Foster Squire) 


Members who have retired from the SCA:

Phelyn Quinn (Apprentice)

Angelique du Soleil (Apprentice)

Udo Of the Icy Watters (Apprentice)  


Muckley Work Night Schedule

Fall 2011

None scheduled at the present

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