Muckley 1386 Men

Knightly Armour:

The monumental effigy of Sir Walter Von Hoenklingen. 

Killed at the Battle of Sempach in 1386.

The monumental brass of Sir John de la Pole and his wife. .

In Chrishall, Essex. Circa 1380.

 Sir ? de Redford from an effigy of the de Redford e family.

In Broughton, Lincolnshire. Circa 1390

 The effigy of Sir John Harsick and his wife. 

In Fletching, Sussex. 1384

The brass of Sir John Foxlay, 1378

The effigy of Sir Reynold de Malyns and his  two wives.

Effigy in The Church of St. Andrew, Chinnor, Oxfordshire. Circa 1385

The brass of Sir Robert the Grey, 1387


The brass of Sir John Pecok, 1380

A painted statuette of Huglin von Schoennegg, Marshal of the Dutchy of Spoleto.

Middle European, circa 1380 in the Historiches Museum, Basel, Switzerland.

The brass of Sir John Bettesthorne, 1398

Armour from the Castle of Churburg

Armour in the Metropolitan Museum, New York.